a page for a newspaper i’m working on called “thicket”, not sure if it’s done yet though

Forage - for something I’m working on at the moment

puff puff

Anonymous asked: Hi there! Firstly, love your work! Just wanted to ask you about NUA.. It's one of my current fave uni's and I've had my interview for illustration and hopefully will be there in September, but I was wondering what your opinion of it was? In terms of accomodation/ nightlife/ course/ people (making friends) etc? I like the course but I don't really have an idea on anything else.. It seems like a fairly quiet uni I guess. Any advice/ opinions would be brilliant! Thanks :-)

Would you be able to come off anonymous so I can answer this privately? Or send me an email at evayzillustration@live.com! 

Although you’ve probably made your choice by now, considering it’s already July! 

daintypost asked: You make the loveliest things!!

I don’t know why I haven’t seen this until just now! Thank you very much!

sneaky peek of work in progress

it was such a lovely day!

dungeness drawings part 2

dungeness drawings

i haven’t tried to draw a person for a very, very long time