Swap between Evie Adams (L) and Ed Cheverton (R). This was a really fun swap with Evie! She sent me these pups, and her card had tiny stickers on the back!!!

a while ago i did a postcard swap with ed cheverton! check out his postcard club and join in!

I haven’t been very confident with my drawing lately but I’m trying to break it with starting a new “for my eyes only” sketchbook.

So far, so good. :-)

some details of the quilt………

my final for the reportage project

I chose to make a club quilt for a knitting group

I had never worked A1 before, so it was quite a challenge 

very nearly finished!

this project is killing me phew

making big things 

a bit alien to me as i like working much smaller!

test for a part of the final

reportage project

(bad) henna number 2

i do henna now lol

been stuck in bed for a few days and decided to make this for my dear friend holliewearsdresses

(it’s somewhat accurate, star maps are tricky things) 

(bad phone camera quality)